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BurCam WiFi Water Watcher

BurCamSKU: 032100480



Description: Designed specifically for sump and sewage application, this device sends directly SMS and email alerts to your smart phone through your home Wi-Fi network.It is possible to configure up to three phone numbers and up to three email addresses which can receive the alerts simultaneously. It operates on 115V, 60Hz, and has a battery with a 15-hour average life in case of power outage. The installation is fast and easy.


- The device is connected to the user's Wi-Fi network.
- A detection float is installed in the sump or sewage tank.
- The float is connected to the unit via a cable.
- The foat activates the alarm when the water level in the sump pit attains a critical level above normal.
- When the alarm is activated, an SMS and/or an e-mail is sent to the homeowner in accordance with the configuration done by this one in our message management server.


1- Transmission test.
2- Power source changed from 115V to battery back-up (possibility of power outage).
3- Low battery (The device will shortly stop functioning).
4- High liquid level (possibility of flood).
5- High liquid liquid level reminder (the reset of the device has not been done).
6- Reset (your confirmation send by the device).
7- Confirmation of ongoing communication (the device sends a signal to our server every hour and we transmit a confirmatin once per per month).
8- Loss of communication (immediately when we cease to receive the hourly signal).

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