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Kreg, KMA3200 1/4 Shelf Pin Drilling Jig 14645

Kreg ToolsSKU: KMA3200


Kreg, KMA3200 1/4 Shelf Pin Drilling Jig 14645


  • Hardened Steel Drill Guides Eliminate Bit Wobble
  • Removable Dual-Position Adjustable Fence
  • Standard 32mm Hole Spacing
  • Included ¼” Drill Bit (5mm bit available separately)
  • Included Locating Pin For Fast and Accurate Registration
  • Built-In Storage for Locating Pin and Drill Bit/Depth Collar
  • If you’re adding shelf pin holes to an existing piece of furniture or building shelves from scratch, the Kreg Shelf Ping Jig KMA3200 is the perfect tool for the job
  • Unlike other shelf pin guides, the Kreg Shelf Ping Jig features hardened steel drill guides which ensure precise and straight drilling, so you get solid 4-corner secure shelving
  • The Shelf Pin Jig also includes a dual position adjustable fence for custom hole placement, a locating pin for quick and accurate spacing reference, a handy jig extender which lets you connect multiple Shelf Pin Jigs together for high-speed production work, and an ultra sharp 1/4-inch brad-point bit with depth collar which can be stored on the bottom side of the Shelf Pin Jig when not in use
  • Hardened Steel Drill Guides (lifetime warranty)
  • Unlike thin and flexible guides, the hardened steel drill guides of the Kreg Shelf-Pin Jig ensure each and every hole you drill is perfectly straight and true
  • The Kreg Self Pin Jig Kit is Perfect for Building or Adding Holes to Existing Furniture
  • Compact size is perfect for adding additional shelf pin holes in existing furniture
  • Need more length for additional speed? Connect multiple Shelf Pin Jigs together with the included Jig Extender
  • Standard Hole Size/Spacing
  • Hardened Steel Drill Guides are placed a standard 32mm apart
  • The Kreg Self Pin Jig Kit comes complete with a standard sized 1/4-inch drill bit for the most common shelf-pins
  • Click here to see 5mm drill bit


  • Shelf Pin Jig
  • Locating Pin
  • Jig Extender
  • Specialized 1/4-inch Drill Bit
  • Depth Collar
  • Allen Wrench
  • Instruction Manual
  • Four 1/4-inch Shelf Pins

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