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Sonin 4-in-1 Stud, Moisture, Metal & Voltage Detector 50215

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Sonin 4-in-1 Stud, Moisture, Metal & Voltage Detector 50215


  • Moisture Meters
  • 4-In-1 Multi Function Detector (Detects Moisture / Studs / Voltage / Metal)
  • Measures moisture levels present in wood, drywall, carpets & more from 8% to 22%
  • Detects and locates studs, live AC wire and metal behind interior walls
  • Fast, accurate and easy to read LED display with audible indicator Moisture Detection
  • Helps you find out if potentially damaging excess moisture is present
  • Locate and trace water leaks to prevent wet rot
  • Check surfaces before painting, wallpapering, laying floors and tile
  • Select drier lumber
  • Measures moisture level from 8-22% Stud Detection: Helps easily locate and detect wood or metal studs, beams and joists up to 3/4-inch (20mm) depth, for picture, mirror, shelves and cabinet hanging, and furniture installation etc.
  • Voltage Detection: Non contact voltage detection helps you trace and locate live AC wire behind walls, ceilings and floors up to 2-inch (50mm) deep
  • Check wiring, receptacles, switches and lighting etc. Metal Detection: Detect and locate hidden metals, steel and copper pipes, metal frames (included both ferrous and nonferrous) behind walls up to 2-inch (50mm) deep
  • Microprocessor based instrument with automatic calibration to ensure accuracy
  • Low battery warning
  • Instruction manual enclosed
  • Requires one 9 V battery (not included) Important Note: the sensitivity of stud, voltage and metal detection in this product is designed for use on dry interior walls only (wood or plaster board); it is not suitable for use with concrete

Sonin 4-in-1 Stud, Moisture, Metal & Voltage Detector SPECIFICATIONS:

  • Operating voltage: 9V battery (alkaline recommended)
  • Current consumption: less than 50mA
  • Battery low warning: 7.2V
  • Operating temperature: 32 ~ 104°F (0°C ~ 40°C)
  • Operating humidity: relative humidity not larger than 80%
  • Storage temperature: -14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
  • Measuring range of moisture: 8 - 22%
  • Maximum depth for stud sensing: 3/4-inch

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