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A Line it Upgrade Kit



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A Line it Upgrade Kit 10306

(** This UPGRADE KIT is for people that have the #10301 A-Line-it and want to change it to the A-Line-it Deluxe Kit #10300 )

The A-Line Upgrade kit Includes:

  • the extra long mounting bar convenient for checking router arbor run out; the round mounting pin for checking drill press table per-pendicularity
  • the patented saw arbor nut,
  • the short bar for checking the parallelism of the thickness planer head to the table
  • the 22 piece dial indicator tip kit for measuring those difficult to reach points on power tools

The A Line it Deluxe can be configured to do unlimited tests to your shop including:

  • Table Saw Alignement
  • Rip Fence Alignement
  • Drill Press Chuck Run-Out
  • Saw Arbour Run-out
  • Rip Fence Alignment
  • Planer Alignment
  • Saw Blade Run-out
  • Rip Fence Straightness
  • Jointer Depth of Cut

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