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AccuDrillMate Drill Press Portable

MilescraftSKU: 012100240


AccuDrillMate Drill Press Portable


  • Complete control and exact centering for repetitive drilling
  • Adjustable from 90° degrees to 45° degrees
  • Easy to read scale permanently cast into the aluminum base
  • Guide base is formed for exact centering on round or flat edges
  • Adjustable depth stop for drilling holes to a precise depth
  • Spring action controls the rate of drill penetration and return
  • Removable handle adds control for a variety of applications
  • Drill accurate angles and depths
  • 3/8" drill chuck with key


  • Provides the Precision of a Drill Press with the Ease of a Hand Drill
  • Everyone knows that the success of many DIY projects depends on drilling straight and accurate holes. Now you can add a whole new level off accuracy to drilling holes with your standard hand drill. The AccuDrillMate by Milescraft is just the tool to provide you the precision and ease of drilling straight holes all of the time. You will get the precision of a drill press with the ease of a hand drill.
  • The AccuDrillMate is perfect for straight or angled drilling, drilling on the edge of a board or on round stock. It works with standard or masonry drill bits, forstner and spade bits, hole saws and plug cutters. Attach the AccuDrillMate to all 3/8” and 1/2” power drills and it also includes a 3/8” capacity chuck with key. A removable handle can be attached at the base or at the head of the tool, allowing you to hold the guide in place during use. With an aluminum base that has a built in angular scale, you can accurately adjust the angle of your cut from 0 to 45 degrees with no problem.
  • Need to drill on the edge of a work piece or on round stock? The AccuDrillMate has centering channels built into the bottom of the base, which will also accommodate drilling any round stock up to 3” in diameter. The AccuDrillMate has four non-slip rubber feet on the base of the tool, which will also prevent marring. Worried about the depth of the holes you need to drill? This tool has a built in depth stop and spring action that controls the rate of the drill penetration and return. Once again, Milescraft has introduced an innovative tool that is priced just right and makes your projects much easier.

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