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Aube TH303 Compact Thermostat for Electric Baseboards

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Aube TH303 Compact Thermostat for Electric Baseboards


  • This compact thermostat is packed with advanced, user-friendly features and flexible programming options
  • Ultimate temperature control – the most accurate type of thermostat on the market (± 0.15ºC / 0.27ºF)
  • Minimum load means thermostat can control smaller baseboards (ex. 2 ft. baseboard)
  • Countdown feature for increasing or decreasing temperature for a set amount of time
  • User-friendly 3-button programming
  • Slim, compact design – ideal for installation in small spaces


  • 100% silent operation – ideal even for bedrooms
  • Unsurpassed temperature control eliminates temperature swings
  • No temperature swings means you are comfortable at a lower setpoint
  • Comfort at a lower setpoint saves money on heating bills.

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