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Bandsaw Table Inserts Zero Clearance

VikingSKU: ZC-01


Bandsaw Table Inserts Zero Clearance


  • The most damage to a bandsaw blade comes from either contacting steel or from friction and the heat that it causes. Since the phenolic guide blocks will now protect the blades from the heat, you need to stop the chance of contact. The zero clearance table inserts reduce the risks.
  • Made of a nylon, the inserts replace the original aluminium ones. It is surprising how easy it is to turn the blade during a cut and clip the edge of the original insert taking the edge off of one side of the teeth. Theae new inserts will protect against this and at the same time provide a zero clearance plate to stop small pieces from dropping in the saw.
  • Fits Most 14" Import bandsaws
Overall Dia 2 1/2
Step Dia 1 7/8
Overall Thickness 1/4"
Lip Thickness 3/32"

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