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BEAP Bedbug Monitor & Quick-Response Trap Kit

BEAP CoSKU: 050450750


BEAP Bedbug Monitor & Quick-Response Trap Kit


  • Bed bugs are attracted to porous materials with many crevices where they can hide.
  • The textured base of the Detection Trap allows bed bugs to easily climb up into the trap, attempting to find a hiding spot, where they become trapped in the replaceable glue cartridge.
  • If bedbugs are found then the BB Detection Trap can be converted into an "active" Quick-Response Trap by attaching the included Carbon Dioxide Generator and Heat Pad.
  • In this Quick-Response mode, the added heat and CO2 mimics your sleeping body which actively attracts bedbugs in as little as 30 minutes time.


  • To be used to monitor and trap bugs in beds, furniture, sofas etc.
  • Replaceable glue cartridge - No touching of trapped bed bugs
  • Cartridges disposable with household waste
  • Transparent top lid makes monitoring easier

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