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BEAP Co. Bed Bug Home & Travel Protection Kit

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BEAP Co. Bed Bug Home & Travel Protection Kit


  • The Bed Bug Home & Travel Protection Kit contains everything you need to protect yourself while travelling and to prevent bed bugs from returning home with you.
  • The Kit specializes in mimicking your sleeping body by generating carbon dioxide and heat to attract bed bugs from their hiding places.
  • Simple and effective, you'll know within an hour if your bed is possibly infested with bed bugs!
  • BEAP Co's Bed Bug Home & Travel Protection Kit is perfect for the frequent traveller or vacationer who doesn't want to bring home "hitch-hiking" bed bugs!
  • Safe for air travel and carry-on luggage

The Kit Includes:

  • BEAP Co's innovative Quick-Response Detection Kit
  • 3-fl oz bottle of Travel Safe Bed Bug Killing Spray (For immediate killing & prevention of bed bugs in mattresses and box springs)
  • BEAPCO's Dissolving Laundry Bag (Protects your luggage & clothing from bed bugs)
  • 1 pair of protective gloves
  • Carry Bag w. string

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