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Bessey BC 440V 30Amp Reco Induction Bearing Heater

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  • Bessey Reco Induction Bearing Heaters extend the bearing life and cut operating costs by eliminating hammering and pounding to cold-mount bearings. It works on bearings, sprockets, gears, couplings, and sleeves. Not only does it reduce the risk to the operator from flames, torches or oil baths, it also demagnetizes bearings. The Reco Induction Bearing Heater is easy to use and ready in minutes.

Model BC 440V

  • 440 Volt 30 amp
  • Bearing capacity: 8" x 22" O.D. (32" OD with optional raising blocks)
  • Computer chip monitors and stabilizes temperature
  • Reduces risk to operator from flames, torches or oil baths
  • Display panel (pre-set times, temperatures) & auto shut off

Why should a Bearing be Heated?

  • Heating allows the expansion of the bearing for a precise placement and alignment of the bearing on the shaft without risking any damage. Pressing (driving) a cold bearing onto a shaft can cause a bearing to misalign and a difference of as little as 0.001" can reduce it's lifespan by 50%.

What is an "Induction Heater"?

  • Induction heating is an electro-magnetic process that provides quick, even heating that uses a transformer with a short circuited secondary. The heat is being generated at the molecular level within the bearing itself resulting in an even distribution throughout the bearing.

Why use Bearing Heaters?

  • Bearing heaters generate clean and even heat, and even heating means precision placement, resulting in extended bearing life. Alternatives for heating such as hot oil baths and forge methods are messy and dangerous. Torches and element tops can create uneven heating & expansion and cause hot spots that can change the metallurgical properties of the bearing steel.

Tips and Tricks

  • Alway use the largest cross bar that will fit through bearings hole. Heaters should not be placed on steel tables or carts and should be raised up about 18" from any heavily 'rebarred' concrete floor as they can soak up some of the heat inducing energy and prolong the heating times.
  • Bearings that are too large in diameter to be suspended from the cross bar can still be heated since induction heating does not require direct contact. Also a bearing can sit on the base of the machine & the cross bar can be placed through the hole

Product # Voltage STD Cross Bars OptionalCross Bars Weight
Volts(amps) Inches Inches Pounds
SC 110V 110V(17amp) 3/4, 2 1 1/4 52
SC 220 220V(9amp) 3/4, 2 1 1/4 52
BC 220 220V(30amp) 1 1/4, 3 3/4, 1, 2 200
BC 440 440V(20amp) 1 1/4, 3 3/4, 1, 2 200
BC 550 550V(20amp) 1 1/4, 3 3/4, 1, 2 200
BCS 220 220V(30amp) 1 1/4, 3 2 235
BCS 440 440V(20amp) 1 1/4, 3 2 235
BCS 550 550V(20amp) 1 1/4, 3 2 235

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