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Blackjack 16256 Trim Cutter Small

BlackJackSKU: 16256


Blackjack 16256 Trim Cutter Small


  • Trimming the end of a dowel, or picture frame has never been easier. Perfect for cutting trims like quarter round. Quickly snip your dowel to the required length.
  • Cuts 45 degrees PLUS 60°, 90° and 120° markings are etched into the base. The base also has raised guides to make cutting the proper angle a snap! Plastic coated handles make a comfortable and secure grip. Small and large hands can easily squeeze the handles together to make the cut, as the handles are only 3" apart when fully extended.
  • When not in use, lock the safety catch, protecting your fingers and the blade.
  • These cutters have an adjustable back stop for accurate cuts. The polished blade is replaceable should it become dull with use.

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