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BlackJack 3 1/2 Bench Blocks-set of 4

BlackJackSKU: 14022BJ


BlackJack 3 1/2 Bench Blocks™ - set of 4


  • BlackJack's Anti-slip Bench Blocks ™
  • The BlackJack Bench Blocks are rectangle allowing it to fit into corners unlike the puck or cookies which are round.
  • Common router mats extend past the panel edge. The router bit's bearing bolt passes below your stock - making contact and damaging the mat. Bench Blocks ™two-sided anti-slip design raise the panel 3/4" off the work surface and provide the same anti-slip support wherever you position them under your panel. One side grips the bench top while the other side grips the panel. The router bit cuts the panel and you continue to work un-obstructed and damage free.
  • Bench Blocks ™ are perfect for belt sanding and other bench top work too. Their low profile will not allow them to tumble under the side load of belt sanding and the rectangular design prevents spin if leaned on. The tough PVC core will not crack if dropped off the bench and being rectangular, they won't roll across the shop floor.
  • These are a great addition to your shop and we are proud to say Made in Canada.
  • Set of 4 blocks are your answer to edge routing of panels.


  • Each block measures 3-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 3/4"

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