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Canplas 2-inch Vent Termination Screen

CanplasSKU: 032116060


Canplas 112002 2-inch Termination Screen


  • To prevent foreign objects from entering a venting system and causing an obstruction. Obstructions can reduce efficiencies or cause the furnace/water heater to shut down.


  • Fits inside hub end of schedule 40 DWV fittings
  • Friction fit
  • Does not conduct heat like metal
  • Can be removed if necessary


  • Will not rust due to acidic vent gases
  • More difficult to flash freeze than metal screens
  • No sharp edges, unlike metal screens


  • Gas Water Heater Exhaust
  • High Efficiency Furnace Exhaust
  • High Efficiency Furnace Aire Intake
  • Made in Canada

Dimensions (Inches):

A 2.375

(Diagram image corresponds with above dimensions)

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