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Canplas ABS P-Trap w/Cleanout Perm O seal

CanplasSKU: 032546860


Canplas 103202A PermOseal P-Trap w/Cleanout


  • For strength, durability and quality, Canplas ABS DWV fittings are second to none.
  • Their complete product line ensures the economic and time critical benefits of single source supply.
  • Made in Canada


  • The innovative ball joint style union allows the installer to overcome installation problems, such as pipe misalignment and offset fittings.
  • Gasket seal ensures a leak proof connection in almost any situation.
  • Oversize union nut can be easily hand tightened for a positive seal.


  • Our test results confirmed that when leak tested in misaligned installations, the new PernOseal P Trap outperforms the top P Traps available in the North American market

Dimensions (Inches):

A B C D Z1 Z2

6¾ 7 3½ 1 4¾ 3½

(Diagram image corresponds with above dimensions)

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