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Dust Collection - Wire Hose Clamp 2-1/2'

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Dust Collection Wire Hose Clamp 2-1/2"


  • Clamping spiral wound hose onto fittings can be challenging. Standard hose clamps are too wide and sit on top of the hose spiral preventing them from properly clamping the hose wall to the fitting.
  • These wire clamps are the solution.
  • The narrow wire sits between the hose spiral, clamping the hose wall to the fitting. The 2 wire design is like having 2 clamps in one, placing pressure on the hose at 2 places ensuring double the opportunity for proper hose clamping.
  • Tech Tip: Rub the threads of the clamp screw with a bar of paraffin wax or hard hand soap. It adds dry lubricity to the thread and helps prevent twisting of the nut, making it much easier to tighten the clamp.

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