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GrillStone, Grill Cleaning Starter Kit 045231710

GrillStoneSKU: 045231710


GrillStone, Grill Cleaning Starter Kit 045231710


  • No More Wire Brushes! The GrillStone, Grill Cleaning Block is changing the way we clean grills.
  • This remarkable grill cleaner cleans grills 4X faster than traditional wire brushes and conforms to all grill surfaces.
  • The GrillStone Grill Cleaning block is perfect for removing burnt-on food or messy grease.


  • Non-toxic, odorless and without harmful chemicals
  • May be used for grill cleaning on hot or cold grill surfaces
  • Keeps your grill free from bacteria attracted by food residue
  • Will not clog like wire brushes
  • Out-performs wire brushes and scrub pads for grill cleaning!
  • Block Size: 4"L x 3"D x 2"H

Kit Includes:

  • 1 GrillStone cleaning block
  • Easy-Grip handle
  • 1 grill cleaning cloth

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