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Halder, 3366.040 Supercraft Mallet with vibration-reducing 10161

HalderSKU: 10161


Halder, 3366.040 Supercraft Mallet with vibration-reducing 10161

  • The head of the SUPERCRAFT mallet is filled with steel shot. This means that when the workpiece is impacted, the energy of the shot is transferred with a slight delay. The reduced rebound allows the impact energy to be absorbed, resulting in extremely powerful impact without vibration which is much easier on your joints. Additionally, an advantage over steel mallets is the reduced noise level.

Application Areas

  • Positioning and joining of workpieces in the vice, sheet-metal working, assembly of sharp-edged workpieces, assembly and repair work in the automotive and truck sector, Scaffold and tent construction, Hall, steel and exhibition stand construction, Concrete formwork, straightening work, housing assembly, plant construction, Fence construction, Driving steel wedges, Maintenance / Repair / Overhaul
  • Completely robot-welded, handle-protection sleeve, very safe handle-head-connection due to aluminium wedge and safety pin, robust powder coating, maximum solidity of the inserts made from special nylon with excellent impact quality and very high durability, handle and inserts replaceable



  • Nylon, white, hard
  • Very wear-resistant no chipping (even at tempeatures below zero), noise-dampening, very high impact.


  • Hickory

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