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Iron Sleek Deluxe 50x100-foot Backyard Ice Rink Combo Kit

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Iron Sleek Deluxe 50x100-foot Backyard Ice Rink Combo Kit


  • Iron Sleek solves many of the problems encountered by even the most experienced rink builders. It installs easily, supports the weight of the ice, is reusable and can be stored neatly for next year.
  • The Iron Sleek Rink Bracket is made of durable carbon steel and provides a strong support for rink boards, holding up to 18-inches of water.
  • They are easy to install, can be folded up at the end of the season and store neatly in a minimal amount of shelf space.
  • This DELUXE combo kit includes Iron Sleek's Board clips which will cut the rink assembly (and disassembly) time by half. Ideal if you intend on putting up a rink every year.
  • The Western Rugged 10x10-weave tarp is white in colour so it won't show though the ice.
  • This 50 x 100-foot tarp provides an actual skating surface of approx. 46 feet x 96 feet (4416 sq. feet); Perfect for extra-large backyards.
  • This combo kit it intended for a rink with a water depth of 8 inches or less (a bracket spacing of approx. 8 feet apart).

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to make a rink with a water depth that exceeds 8 inches, more Iron Sleek brackets will be needed (8-10 inches require 6-foot bracket spacing; 10-14 inches require 4-foot spacing).

Combo Kit Includes:

  • 1 Western Rugged 50-foot x 100-foot white tarp (WR11300 )
  • 36 Iron Sleek Rink Brackets
  • 4 Iron Sleek Corner Brackets
  • 36 Iron Sleek Board Clips
  • 3 Iron Sleek Installation Tools (wooden 2x4 not included)
  • (72) ¼-20 x 3/8-inch Phillips Pan Head Screws (for assembly)
  • 16 Lag Screws 5/16 x 1¼-inch Long (for Corner Brackets)
  • (192) #8 x 1¼ Wood Screws

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