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KNIPEX Tools 90 31 02 TubiX Pipe Cutter



KNIPEX Tools 90 31 02 TubiX Pipe Cutter

  • QuickLock single-handed
  • Quick adjustment:
  • Precise positioning,
  • Independent holding and clamping on the tube
  • Faster, easier and more precise cutting
  • Pipe cutting using only one hand
  • KNIPEX Quality – Made in Germany
  • Four steps to success – how the KNIPEX TubiX® pipe cutter helps you in your work
  • High-quality needle bearings enable the cutting wheel and the four guide rollers to operate virtually
  • without any friction during the cutting – cuts stainless steel pipes with particular ease
  • Speed in everyday operation: the QuickLock single-handed quick adjustment enables the cutting
  • wheel to slide onto any pipe diameter with a single press of the thumb
  • KNIPEX TubiX® Pipe Cutter With one hand only: cuts copper,brass or stainless steel quickly and easily
  • QuickLock single-handed quick adjustment:slide on, cut – finished!
  • Easy one-handed pushing for quick adjustment
  • to different tube sizes
  • Comfortable: easy cutting due to high-quality needle bearings in the cutting wheel and guide rolls
  • Cuts pipes from Ø 6 - 35 mm (1/4"-1 3/8") with wall thickness up to 2 mm
  • Cutting wheel made of high-grade ball-bearing steel
  • Practical quick replace system for the cutting wheel with spare wheel stored under the feeding barrel
  • With precision-ground deburring tool, easy to remove
  • Light and durable metal enclosure of magnesium
  • The spring-loaded cutting wheel can be pushed and fixed on the diameter of the pipe with the single-handed quick adjustment
  • The needle-beared and spring-loaded cutting wheel made of high-quality ball bearing steel is easily exchangeable For cutting copper, brass and stainless steel pipes with wall thickness up to
  • 2 mm and diameters of 6-35 mm
  • (1/4"-1 3/8")
  • Push the cutting wheel against the pipe with the QuickLock single hand quick adjustment: fastest adjustment to different pipe diameters
  • Tighten and cut with a swift twist and then read just using the ergonomic blue feeding barrel and you're done! If necessary, have the edge smoothed out using the fold-out deburring tool – with surprisingly little effort

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