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Kreg, K4 Pocket Hole Jig 13832

Kreg ToolsSKU: K4


Kreg, K4 Pocket Hole Kreg Jig 13832


  • The K4 Kreg Jig has a simple design that allows you to “Drill” drive. THAT’S IT, DONE! No more shoving the job to one side to finish later.
  • Kreg Jig's patented 3 hole removable guide allows perfect placement of Pocket holes in numerous materials.
  • The clamp never has to be released and the work piece never has to be reposition.
  • You can remove the Kreg Jig from the base and repair anything anywhere.
  • The Kreg Jig's drill guide has hardened steel cores that protect the bit and support the work piece through the entire stroke - This allows the job to be finished with less bit deflection, less tear out, and a clean finish for detailed work.
  • The large clamping recess makes it easy to secure your Kreg Jig to the worktable using any bar clamp.
  • The Kreg Jigs rear mounted design provides secure rigidity and solid hold strength; to make an adjustment to the Kreg Jig release the Lock Nut and Dial to correct setting.
  • The Kreg Jig’s blue body is made of glass-reinforced nylon which is resilient and flexable, without losing the Kreg Jig’s strength and durability.
  • It features an optimal drilling angle to increase the efficiency and keep the overall size of the pocket minimal (about 1 ½ in size).
  • The Kreg jig a wood chip relief hole for every drill-guide hole to keep the bit clear of wood chips, lessen drill torque and increase the life of your drill bits.
  • Click here for our selection of Pocket Hole Screws for use with any jig holes.

Tool Features: K4

  • The Kreg K4 has a removeable Drill Guide for benchtop and mobile use.
  • Doubles as a repair tool.
  • The Kreg K4 Pocket hole Jig has 1/8” incremental settings for materials from 1/2” to 1-1/2” thick.
  • Patented three drill guide fixed spacing on the K4 Drill Guide tool.

Kreg K4 Kit Includes:

  • Kreg Jig®
  • Stepped Drill Bit
  • 6” Square Driver
  • Starter Screw Set
  • Starter Plug Set
  • SkillBuilder™ DVD & Quick-Start Guide
  • Durable, compact carrying case

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