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Kreg, KMS7511 Trak Klamp 13650

Kreg ToolsSKU: KMS7511


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Kreg, KMS7511 Trak Klamp 13650


  • The Kreg Trak Klamp is an inexpensive and versatile clamp works great in a variety of applications.
  • Fits the Mini Trak, Top Trak or HD Trak. You may also mount the clamp to a piece of wood by drilling a 1/4" hole and then countersinking a 7/16" hole for the bolt head.
  • When mounting the clamp on any of the tracks, be sure to have the base of the clamp seated on the track to avoid pulling the track out of the work surface.
  • For most clamping applications, we suggest using two clamps to keep the work piece from rotating.


  • Connects to Mini Trak, Top Trak, or HD Trak
  • Small, simple design
  • Comes with all necessary hardware

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