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Picard, 0004690-999 BlackGiant® 3 Pry Bar Set 10185

PicardSKU: 0004690-999


Picard, 0004690-999 BlackGiant® 3 Bar Set 10185

  • The BlackGiant® Utility-Bar is a handy, yet durable nail puller with ingenious details.
  • These include the straight striking surface and the claw designed for maximum leverage.
  • Small enough to fit in a tool belt, yet rugged enough for daily use.
  • Made "Tough" to last forever 

The set consists of: 

  • BlackGiant® Bar 300mm / 12"
  • BlackGiant® Bar 610MM / 24"
  • BlackGiant® Bar 930mm / 36"


  • BlackGiant® Bar is the nail puller from PICARD designed for professional use. The ingenious shape extends its range of use to areas in which standard nail pullers have to try and fit: in narrow cracks, close to vertical surfaces and anywhere in which high leverage forces place maximum demands on the material quality.The range includes the BlackGiant® Bar in lengths of 930, 610 and 300 mm, the BlackGiant® Flat-Bar and the BlackGiant® Utility-Bar.
  • The BlackGiant® Bar, which is forged and hardened from a single piece offers impressively high-quality steel. It makes the tool longlasting and robust. But it wouldn’t be a PICARD tool if the details didn’t match too. That is how we are redefining the standard for what a nail puller can do. Available individually in three different lengths or as a set.
  • BlackGiant® flat-baR Small but perfectly formed: the BlackGiant® Flat-Bar is always to hand, without carrying much weight. It is as sturdy as it is light. With its wide surfaces and flat profile, it is an ideal tool for upholsterers, decorators, and also for roofing and joinery

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