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Readerest Glasses Stainless Steel 8#

ReaderestSKU: 046100710


Readerest Glasses Stainless Steel


  • Easy way to keep your glasses safe, close, and at the ready
  • Attached to a shirt (or any other thin cloth), the discreet clip provides a secure place to hook your glasses
  • The stainless steel clip is worn on the outside of your shirt and clings with magnets to a backing plate worn on the inside of your shirt
  • Rare-earth magnets are strong, so the clip stays exactly where it is placed and won't fall off from movement
  • Clip can also be attached to any ferrous surface
  • Keep one on the fridge or a stationary tool in the shop
  • Accepts glasses arms up to 7/8" wide and 5/16" thick, including most safety glasses

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