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Red Lion ½ HP Submersible SS Sump Pump RL-SS50VH

Red LionSKU: 031231050


Red Lion ½ HP Submersible SS Sump Pump RL-SS50VH


  • This automatic submersible sump pump is ideal for high-volume water removal around your home and farm.
  • The heavy-duty, ½ HP, energy-efficient motor delivers up to 3450 US gallons/hour and up to 25-foot lifts.
  • A reliable automatic operation for permanent installation in narrow pits up to 11 inches in diameter.
  • The stainless steel and cast-iron construction provides exceptional corrosion resistance and maximum durability for long service life.
  • It's clog-resistant design can handle solids of ¾-inch in diameter.
  • Vertical float switch kicks on at 7½ inches and turns off at 4½ inches.

GPH @ Height:

  • 0 feet: 3450
  • 5 feet: 2500
  • 10 feet: 2000
  • 15 feet: 1400
  • 20 feet: 600

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