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The Attacker, Dual Purpose Stapler T2025

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The Attacker, Dual Purpose Stapler T2025


  • Arrow's Attacker Dual Purpose Staple Gun Tacker is a remarkable staple gun that shoots both round crown staples for wire and cable up to 1/4-inch (6mm) in diameter and flat crown staples for standard stapling jobs.
  • The Attacker features and exclusive built-in adjustable staple guide that allows it to change the depth of the staples being driven.
  • This tacker works well with wire, cable, vapor barriers, upholstery, etc.


  • Patented, jam-proof mechanism
  • Short span, easy compression handle
  • Chrome finish resists wear and tear
  • Grooved Guide ensures perfect stapling
  • Handle Lock
  • Easy Squeeze Handle

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