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*Viking Bandsaw Blade 81-3/4'' x 1/4'' x 6 tpi Low Tension Swedish Silicon Steel Bandsaw Blade

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Viking Bandsaw Blade 81-3/4'' x 1/4'' x 6 tpi Low Tension Swedish Silicon Steel Bandsaw Blade

Features: 1 only Instock

  • By design it is everything a wood cutting blade should and be with over 60% of the cutting speed of a hook tooth blade with the finish of a skip tooth blade.
  • A 6.5 degree hook angle gives the the Viking Bandsaw Blade a fast chip removal without the aggressiveness to tear out of wood.
  • A unique round gullet eliminates any work hardening areas that may lead to cracking in the gullets while allowing for proper chip flow out of the cut.
  • Compliment the hook angle with the special 5 raker set pattern L,R,L,R, Raker, the raker clears away the sawdust from the cut which allowed the reduction the set on a .025 body and the blades become the world's only “Thin Kerf” Bandsaw Blade.
  • An incredible sharp cutting blade with an excellent finish.


  • The Viking Low Tension Swedish Silicone Steel Bandsaw blades (previously sold as the Timber Wolf® brand) use a five-tooth pattern with minimal amount of set or tooth offset were every fifth tooth is a straight raker. Viking blades come with a 6-1/2 Degree rake angle, and a hook angle that results in an extremely fast-cut yet smooth cut. The thin-kerf blade with fast chip removal and, a smooth finish that requires very little sanding.
    Made in Sweden the hardened Viking blades will last 3 to 4 even 5 times longer than stamped or ground blades due to the milling, hardening and quality of the steel with razor sharp edge. These blades provide a straight trouble free cut due to the fact the body is milled and the teeth are perfectly set, regardless of wood thickness. The back of the blade has been rounded to assist in making tighter radius cuts.


Length 81-3/4''
Width 1/4''
tpi 6
Kerf 0.2

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