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WeldKing Plasma Cutter Cool Cut 30 070018000



WeldKing Plasma Cutter Cool Cut 30 070018000


  • The Weld King Cool Cut 30 Plasma Cutter is a portable plasma unit that operates on 120 volt or 230 volt, great for either the hobbyist or light metal cutting
  • Auto-Line integrated circuitry in this unit will automatically Switch the Voltage to the primary voltage being applied, either 115 or 230 Volts all that is needed is the WeldKing Adapter Cable
  • State of art inverter technology produces quicker and cleaner cutting and gives CoolCut30 smaller size and lighter weight
  • Separate Air Post flow control is a feature rarely find in this class of plasma cutter, this dramatically increased lifetime of consumables.
  • Air filter and air regulator is standard within the kit. You do not have to buy separately.
  • Rugged design guarantees the preferable performance at various environment.
  • High quality industrial cutting torch insures longer consumable life and best cutting quality.
  • Comes with 3 Year Warrenty


  • Output: 35% duty cycle at 30A (at 230V input)
  • Input: 115//230/60Hz, 1ph
  • Rated Input(KvA):3.5 at 115v(20A), 3.3 at 230v input
  • Open circuit volatage(V): 250

Cutting capacity at 230V input

  • Recommended capacity: 3/8"(10mm)
  • Max Capacity: 1/2"(13mm)
  • Severance Capacity: 5/8"(16mm)
  • For Full Specs. on this product, CLICK HERE.

Kit Includes:

  • Industrial 10ft Power Cord & Plug
  • Work Cable with Clamp
  • SG55 plasma cutting torch 16ft
  • Air filter and regulator
  • Spare tip, electrode and Nozzle
  • Air Compressor not included

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