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Wilson Predator Live Capture Tilting Mousetrap 7906022

Wilson Lawn & GardenSKU: 054420780


Wilson Predator Live Capture Tilting Mousetrap 7906022


  • This easy-to-set mousetrap has a very clever design. Simply open the hatch and place the trap where mice are active.
  • The bait (peanut butter works best) is located at the opposite end of the "tube" that's tilted up. When the mouse goes in after the bait, the trap tilts down and the door locks shut behind it.
  • Once caught, the mouse can be safely released, or humanely disposed of.


  • Cap (at the bait end) is removable for easy application and cleaning
  • Traps cannot be raided
  • Holes allow air intake
  • Washable plastic
  • Can be used in commercial food areas

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