Cello Stand, last project of 2022

Cello Stand, last project of 2022

Last Project of 2022

 I hope you had a good holiday. Our's was busy, filled with music, feasting and family. I did have time for a couple of small shop things and one large project.

  For Christmas we rented a cello for our grand daughter so she won't have to carry her school cello home to practice.  She is in grade six and so only slightly bigger than the cello anyway.



  A musical instrument requires regular practice for the player to make any improvement. As a teacher I encouraged 15 minutes everyday. (knowing that once the instrument was out of the case and the student was playing 15 minutes often stretched to 30 or more) If the student didn't even want to play 15/day it meant that their interest was pretty limited. 

  To make cello practice easier I made a stand for the cello so that it could be easily at hand and enticing.


  There was no time to create an elegant stand with swooping curves and hidden joinery, this one is functional. It would look better with fine sanding and paint but....no time.  If she stays at it I will take the time to make something nicer to compliment the graceful lines of the cello.
  Oma whipped up a bow bag to hang on the stand too.  Now if our Grand daughter has a few minutes she can dash off a song since her cello is easily at hand.
  2022 has been a funny sort of year however things are improving little by little as life returns to normal (whatever that is).  I look forward to 2023 and hope you do to.
Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.
cheers Ianw


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