Garden Bench Restoration

Garden Bench Restoration

Recently, an old friend brought me two garden benches desperately in need of repair. The wooden slats were so rotten that many of them were loose where they joined the ends.  However the benches were not a total write off, and I volunteered  to make the repairs.

The white paint  was mostly gone and the slats were beginning to rot. So far it is mostly, only surface damage.

The first thing was to take the benches to pieces. The bolts holding the slats were totally rusted. I had to cut the bolts off with a grinder and cut off disk.

The process of getting rid of the loose paint was easy, I used my grinder and a flap disk. These disks come in various grits and are good for heavy removal of wood, paint or rust. I use a flap disk on end grain of slabs (May 29,2019) in combination with a power planer and belt sander.

I have one end sanded and painted. Sanding was a huge job requiring wire brushes, flap wheel and a dentist pick.  So I got one end cleaned up and painted with rust resistant paint. I always say it is a good idea to use the best tool for the job.  So....the remaining three ends are going to be sandblasted, it will be faster and give a good or better result.

So progress is delayed while I arrange for the sand blasting.


The wooden slats are sanded and painted with three coats of exterior paint. All that remains is to drill the holes and bolt it together.


While awaiting sand blasting I am working on other small projects. I have to remind myself when I take on a project that at some point all or most of it has to be carried down stairs to my shop. Stairs are the historic enemy or wood workers and Pandas.

Cheers, Ian

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