wooden box with tower for gecko

Gecko Travel Box

My Grandson has been hanging out in my workshop for a long time. We've built a large number of projects and each one is getting more complicated and his commitment to the final result continues to rise.

Most recently we made, to his design, a travel box for his Crested Gecko, Nacho. We began with a box, the parts of which he measured and cut using the sliding mitre saw.  I taught him how to clamp the wood to the saw table, and keep his hands well clear of the blade.  I am slightly nervous when he uses the saw but.... he is 13 years old and wants to learn how to use the tools.

wooden box for gecko

The structure in the middle of the box is a home for Nacho with a series of ramps enabling him to climb up in the centre of the box. 

The lid of the box is totally screened over allowing for lots of fresh air and no escape. 

gecko box

The major feature is the central tower that lets the gecko climb up and see what is going on.

gecko box with tower

The box is approx. 30 x 30 x 20 cm with an additional 20 cm tower.

As with all of our projects, there was a planning and drawing phase, a material prep phase and a fitting and fiddling phase.

The lid is held in place by four rare earth magnets. Most of the screen was placed using staples and then  sealed in place with hot glue.  This project took us several hours over three evenings but....it is well worth it, and Nacho approves of his new travelling case.

Work with a young person in your shop when you get a chance, it is very satisfying. 


Cheers, ianw

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