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More Gecko Stuff

On July 30th I posted a blog featuring the travel box for Nacho the Gecko that Kieran and I made while he was here.

He then went home for a week and while he was gone. I decided to make a solid home for Nacho that could be left here. We had a cardboard gecko house that K had made a while ago. A gecko likes a cool damp environment, he is misted several times per day, good for a lizard, not good for his cardboard cage.

I followed the basic size and shape of the cardboard effort and used softwood lumber and screening to make a home away from home for Nacho.

tools I made the frame from 7/8 inch spruce construction lumber and used screws and glue to assemble the frame.  My gravity clamps are holding the screening down while the glue sets.


the finished unit

The finished unit; fully decorated and ready for habitation.  I have it on good authority that he likes his home away from home. 

Another D.I.Y task I completed this week was the deck sealing of the outdoor benches at the Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre. A couple of years ago the centre was renovated and a very nice courtyard was added. In the courtyard are three U-shaped benches made from 2 x 4 lumber.  The contractor varnished the benches, which looked nice for about a season and a half. Now the varnish is gone and the wood is exposed. I spent nearly three hours thoroughly cleaning and soaking the boards with deck sealer.  It is one of those volunteer things that guys with shops, drop cloths, brushes and gear can do for their community. 


I think that we should support our community and if I can be supportive while doing something satisfying it is a win/win.


Cheers ianw   

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