Pen NIb, Spreader and Box

Working in the cool basement

   We've been having a hot and humid few days and so I happily retired to the cool workshop space in our basement.  After spending a few days working in our garage on my friend's patio benches. It was time to gather tools and bring them back down stairs.  There were three trips downstairs carrying clamps, drills, wrenches etc.

 Once I got everything down stairs I took the time to put all the tools away properly. I swept the floor. Then I  spent a hour or so cleaning tools.  Tool handles can get stained with paint and glue over time, when I haven't got a particular project I use the time to clean  and refinish  tools handles.  I also use this time to sharpen  blades and wax them against rust.  It is cool in the basement.  I have music playing and a comfortable stool to sit upon while I puttered away the afternoon. 

  After the housekeeping I took up a couple of quiet projects.  While cleaning I picked up a bit of wood and was inspired to make another spreader.



  I used a carving knife and small plane to shape the spreader then sanded it to 200 grit.  I like these Swedish style spreaders for peanut butter, jam etc. Making spreaders is a peaceful satisfying pass time.  
  I carved and painted this basswood lid years ago.  I finally made the box upon which the lid will sit.  The lid has laid around on my bench seemly forever and now, it will have a purpose.  I made the box from left over baltic birch. Since the box is off cuts I painted it to hide the blemishes. 
  I also made another pen nib holder.
  The pen nib holder is made from very dry cedar.  It weighs almost nothing so it is very comfortable to use. I use straight pens for pen&ink drawing. Again this was a project that killed time, and  used a bit of wood 
 We are planning to move this fall and I will have a new workshop space which will be a big project.  It is calming and enjoyable to make small useful things in the shop.
  Cheers ianw

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