Starting Wood Carving?

Starting Wood Carving?

Two of my grandchildren have watched me wood carve and show an especial interest. My Grandson is interested in carving wood, and he and I have done a couple of projects together. My Granddaughter has shown interest and aptitude for soap carving.

By the way, soap carving is a good way to get them started with low risk and low cost.

Now it is time to set them up with their own set of tools to use at home.

I selected these tools to cover most eventualities.

There are:

  • two gouges, one shallow, one flat.
  • two straight chisels, one very narrow and one about 1/4  inch wide.
  • a V tool, and a very sharp knife with a curved blade.

The current plan is some flat carved Christmas ornaments as a starting point. This variety of tools will give the kids good tools to start their carving careers.  It can be very frustrating to a beginner if the carving tools dull quickly, it makes doing your project more difficult and as a beginner you can't tell it the cause of the problem

Notice it is a mixed bag of makes and types.  All of these tools are good quality, will get sharp and stay sharp. With this set I included a strop and :

These grippy gloves and I've glued leather finger guards on, thumb and forefinger left hand, thumb, right hand.

I have had my grand kids in my shop whenever they are here and ALWAYS emphasized safety.  Now they don't even think to begin something in the shop without the proper safety gear in place.

I am hoping to see some results in the next couple of weekends.


Cheers, Ian

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