wooden boat

Summer's End Projects

Kieran and I worked on his sail boat model and finally the paint is dry and the boat is its stand. He designed all aspects of this project and did nearly all the work.  I was just a technical advisor in the background.

wood boat

K and I have made many boats in the workshop. This project is his most careful and most finally finished yet.  The boat is based on real dimensions and actually sails, the hull and dagger boat keep the boat on an even keel, with the sail up without any extra ballast. I am so impressed and pleased.

While Kieran was shaping, sanding and waiting for paint to dry I was making a small picture frame.  I have a very talented sister in law and we wanted to frame one of her small paintings, an original painting deserves an original frame.

I began by making the frame stock on the router table. 


I always find the biggest challenge is clamping the mitre corners together while the glue dries.

wood toolsput waxed paper down on the work surface so you don't glue your project down by accident.

I am using my Kreg Klamp table, a bessey clamp and my lead gravity clamps. Bessey has clamps for all occasions, they're not cheap but are also a lifetime investment.  Don't buy cheap clamps, they will let you down at the most inconvenient time.  

A while ago I started strengthening my picture frame's mitred corners but using a dowel to reinforce the joint.  I do that almost all the time now, it improves the joint and doesn't really show.


 wood frame

Once the frame is sanded and varnished the dowel is not visible, In this case the wood, which was reclaimed has a couple of small flaws in it adding colour, wood can have character in our house so it is not a problem.

With luck the weather will cool and working inside will be more pleasant soon.


Cheers ianw

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