Two Woodcraft Projects

Two Woodcraft Projects

Recently I made a Gnome Home, not a cabinet grade shop project that was appreciated. (also fun)

So, I had some materials laying around and made another yard ornament.

Rudolf is about 6 inches tall including antlers. This is the sort of shop project you can do living in an apartment. I found the body and head are wind fall lumber from the side of the road. The legs are whittled round(ish) from a 1 x 1 cedar fence board and the nose. I think I once bought a small bag of noses (knobs) at a craft store. A project like this is even a good one for a beginner with very limited tools.  I needed a hand saw, drill, two sized drill bits, a shop knife and pliers to make the antlers. You don't even need to sand the deer if you want to avoid the mess and dust.

This next project used more tools. The tools, glue and clamps that made the box were more involved than the carving equipment. I have some bass wood boards that cut re-sawed to make the basic box. The box is held together with glue and dowels.

Chip carving knives are quite basic and for this project I only used the one on the left.

It has been a couple of years since I did any chip carving so this design is a bit rough. I had forgotten how enjoyable this type of wood working can be.

The lid is held in position by two end pins. That type of hinge system can be adapted to nearly any sized box and long pins can be used instead of tiny hinges with tiny screws. While this box has some carved bling it is a solid functional item too. 

The hinge pin is visible in this view. You can also see if you look closely, the dowel pins. Each end has four tiny dowel pins, made from cocktail toothpicks. My plan for this box is for it to be used as a pencil case so it will get knocked around during its life, but also appreciated and used. Chip carved items are often heavily carved, in the case only the back and bottom are uncarved. Traditionally the back would have been carved too. The carver is partly showing off, and originally killing time in the down time or off season so the more detailed and intricate the better.


Now I need to clear shop space because I have taken on a large restoration project, not difficult but LARGE.  Details to follow.


cheers IanW

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