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Bessey GK60 GearKlamp 24'' Clamp

BesseySKU: GK60


Bessey GK60 GearKlamp 24" Clamp

  • High-quality two-component plastic handle positioned around the rail
  • Fast action, secure clamping force up to 450 lbs
  • Quick-release shift button to quickly adjust sliding bar
  • Fully enclosed gear train to keep dust and debris out
  • Ideal for clamping in cramped spaces
  • The BESSEY GearKlamp offers a more compact solution than theclassic bar clamp. Broad movements of the clamping arm are donewith a quick-adjust button that allows one to get to the right clamping position quickly and productively. The final clamping action is completed by turning the handle, which is uniquely positioned around the rail. Each turn of the handle transfers the clamping force to the spindle via a geared mechanism incorporated into the sliding bar. This innovative design offers a surprisingly comfortable clamping position and permits applications in places where traditional clamps would not be practical.
  • The GearKlamp is also a winning choice for durability. It has a stable rofiled rail made of tempered, burnished steel. The upper section and the sliding bar’s plastic housing protect the drive mechanism from dust and debris and, are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyamide. The unique soft pad can be easily removed to reveal a grooved section to make clamping of oddly shaped objects easier.
Clamping Capacity
Throat Depth
Clamping Force
2 3/8

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