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Bessey, K Body REVO Adapter KR-AS 59037

BesseySKU: KR-AS


Bessey, K Body REVO Adapter KR-AS 59037


  • KR-AS effortlessly slides onto the jaws of the New K Body® REVO™ to create clamping optimized for irregular shapes
  • Pivoting jaws will clamp or spread irregular angles from -15° to +15°
  • Pivoting jaws are packed in sets of 2
  • KR-AS slides on and off of fixed and moveable jaws
  • Perfect for holding materials that are irrregularly shaped
  • Pivoitng jaws easily slide onto channels in fixed and stationary jaws, after removing standard jaw pads
  • Pivoting jaws can used above and below rail and can be stacked for special applicatons

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