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Bessey KRE3512 Clamp 12'' K BODY REVOlution Parallel Clamp

BesseySKU: KRE3512


Bessey KRE3512 12'' K BODY REVOlution (KRE) Parallel Clamp


  • The best parallel clamp in the world just got better! The new "K BODY REVOlution (KRE)", is designed to clamp at 90 degrees to the rail with very large clamping surfaces.The "New BESSEY K BODY REVOlution" offers a load limit of 2200 lbs, an everyday clamping force of 1700 lbs and sizes that range from 12" to 60".
  • German high-quality profiled steel rail stock
  • Jaws clamp at accurate 90° angles
  • Easily converts to spreader without tools
  • Many accessories and replacement parts available
  • Large parallel clamping surfaces
  • Replaceable protective pads on the jaws
  • 6 mm hex socket on end of handle
  • Max. torque 17 Nm (12.5 lb-ft)


  • Capacity: 12"
  • Throat Depth: 3 3/4"
  • Clamping Force: 1700 LBS
  • Spreading Capacity: 10" - 15 5/16"

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