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Bessey KREX2440 REVOlution Extender Clamp Kit 59072

BesseySKU: KREX2440


Bessey KREX2440 REVOlution Extender Clamp Kit 59072


  • The Bessey KREX2440 6 piece set includes; 2 KRE3524 24" clamps, 2 KRE3540 40" and 2 KBX20 rail joining/extenders
  • KBX20 Rail extenders are designed to join 2 Bessel Revolution or REVO clamps together forming a clamp with increased capacity
  • Join any 2 Revolution or REVO clamps together, for example; join 2 40" clamps to make a 80" capacity clamp!
  • Heavy duty precision extruded KBX20 extender comes complete with hardware to join 2 clamps for increased capacity
  • Ergonomic two component handle with steel Hex Drive sockets Built in for applying force with a 6mm hex key or driver when desired (not included)

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