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Bessey Steel Strap Cutter D123S-SB 14693

BesseySKU: D123S-SB


Bessey Steel Strap Cutter D123S-SB 14693


  • The Bessey Steel Strap Cutter D123S-SB allows you to cut banding up to 1 1/4'' wide and 1 3/32'' thick with ONE hand and no worries of the banding springing up and cutting the operator


  • The Bessey Steel strap cutter D123S-SB cuts steel straps up to 32 x 1mm (11/4 x 1/32) with one hand
  • Holds banding tightly during cut to prevent banding from springing up
  • Ergonomic handle and compound leverage for comfort and ease of use


  • Overall Length: 10-1/4"
  • Blade Length: 1-1/2"


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