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Black Jack 1/4 T-Nut Long Neck Track Nut

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Black Jack 1/4 T-Nut Long Neck Track Nut


  • This style of T-nut has been common to the woodworker ever since the invention of T-track.
  • We stock 2 shank lengths for you convenience when designing jigs and fixtures. They provide a simple yet strong means to attach feather boards and jigs to aluminum extruded T-tracks found on many power tool table and fence systems.
  • Their 3/4" length distributes the clamping force over a longer area preventing damage inside the aluminum track. They accept standard 1/4-20 fasteners available at your local hardware store. I recommend these nuts and their matching T-track for this very reason. On those occasions where a nut and bolt arrangement like this is not so handy, we offer damage-preventing T-bolts.

NOTE: recent years has seen the development of T-tracks that accept the head of standard 1/4" hex head bolts (7/16" across the flat). This nut will not fit those tracks. I recommend you take care not to over tighten fasteners on those tracks because the contact area of a hex head is very small.

Thread A B C D E
1/4 - 20TPI 3/4" 1/2" 5/16" 15/32" 3/64"

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