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Blackjack, 30020 ¼-inch Space Balls (100-pk) 14377

BlackJackSKU: 30020


Blackjack, 30020 ¼-inch Space Balls (100-pk) 14377


  • BlackJack Space Balls are an inexpensive solution to age-old problems when setting wood pannels in a door.

Space Balls keep the door panels centered because they are made of a special rubber material that has a memory; returning it to it's original, round shape.

  • This "shape memory" allows them to compress and expand along with the wood, according to seasonal humidity changes.

Space Balls also eliminate annoying panel rattle that occurs when panels become smaller with drier humidity conditions; letting the panel shift and rattle in the frame.

  • When Space Balls are incorporated in the door frames, panels are cushioned and always floating... avoiding panel rattle.

Another benefit of using Space Balls is the elimination of the cracking glue joints problem.

  • During times of humidity changes, if a panel door is made too tightly or the door is pinned to secure the panel, wood movement will cause stress and cracking on the glue joints. Space Balls will expand and contract with wood movement, protecting glue joints.


  • They easily install into standard stiles and rails, with a fiction fit, so they won't fall out during assembly.
  • No more problems with unsightly reveal lines if the panel moves during the finishing process


  • The recommended amount of Space Balls per door panel, is 8 to 10.
  • Size: ¼-inch diameter
  • Pack of 100 space balls

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