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Diablo 5'' ROS Disc StickFast™ 180 Grit - 5pk

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Diablo 5'' ROS Disc StickFast™ 180 Grit - 5pk


Diablo's premium 5 in. 180-Grit random orbital sanding (ROS) discs with Stickfast™ backing include break-through innovations that improve performance, extend sanding life and increase productivity. Featuring a premium ceramic blend, these discs remove material faster than other sanding discs and offer an extra long sanding life. Clog-SHIELD™, Diablo's own blend of grinding agents, reduces loading thus maximizing productivity. The superior grain bonding system, ENDURA-BOND™, provides Diablo's sanding discs with longer life and extreme durability.

Ideal For: Removing minor imperfections and initial sanding between paint/stain coats

Machine Use:
Random Orbital Sander

Application Use:

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