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Dust Collection Hose 4in x 10ft HIghly Flexible 13022

BlackJackSKU: 13022


Dust Collection Hose 4in x 10ft HIghly Flexible 13022


  • Highly Flexible Hose It compresses as much as 4:1 giving the ultimate in flexibility for getting around woodworking machines and through tight spaces in the workshop. The smooth inner surface transports wood chips and shavings to the dust collector with the least amount of resistance while the wire reinforcing dissipates much of the static charge.
  • This new design solves the problem of fighting with stiff, all plastic hose. It's a dream to work with! The wire helix can be grounded to the machine for dissipation of static charges. Its flexible nature allows it to compress in length taking up less room in cramped spaces behind machines without the need to cut the hose to a permanently short length. Very handy in small shops where machines are pulled out on a roller base. In fact, under vacuum draw, the hose partially compresses all by itself!
  • The 10 foot Length is rated by the manufacturer in a fully extended, point-to-point application. Freely flexible length will be shorter


  • 4 inch Diameter
  • 10 foot Long
  • Very flexible
  • Clear PVC; easily see any obstruction
  • Wire helix can be grounded to the machine for static dissipation

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