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Fiskars, 7860 9'' Brush Axe 076307120

FiskarsSKU: 076307120


Fiskars, 7860 9'' Brush Axe 076307120


  • A machete with the power of an axe, Fiskars' Brush Axe has a thick, drop-forged blade rips through underbrush-even small trees-like no flimsy stamped steel machete blades can.
  • The nearly indestructable, 21" long FiberComp fiberglass handle lets you swing it like a baseball bat for incredible wind-up power.


  • Has a 9-inch hardened, drop-forged steel blade for exceptional strength and durability and its non-stick coating lets you cut with less effort.
  • Insert-molded design prevents blade from loosening or separating from the handle
  • Includes sheath for safe storage and transportation
  • Lifetime warranty

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