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Freud Diablo 10-inch Composite Decking Trex Blade D1072CD

FreudSKU: D1072CD


Freud Diablo 10-inch Composite Decking Trex Blade D1072CD


  • Freud's Diablo Trex Blade is the only one recommended for Trex Composite Decking and Cellular PVC.
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents traps noise and vibration; allowing the blade to make smoother, cleaner, quieter
  • cuts.
  • The super thin, laser-cut kerf provides easy feed and accuracy for a maximized performance.
  • Freud's non-stick, Perma-Shield aluminum alloy coating reduces drag caused by heat and shields the blade
  • against gumming and corrosion.
  • The TiCo hi-density carbide tips produces a controlled wear that keeps the blade sharp up to 4x longer than
  • conventional carbide. That's 8 decks you could build instead of 2!
  • Tri-Metal (silver/copper/silver) brazing system makes a shock-absorbing layer at the carbide tips for
  • increased durability.
  • It also features laser-cut slots to allow for heat expansion.
  • Covered by Freud's Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • For use with table & miter saws
  • 72 teeth
  • 5/8-inch arbor
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches

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