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Freud Diablo D12100X 12-inch Saw Blade Ultimate Flawless Finish Circular Saw

FreudSKU: 013502830


Freud Diablo D12100X 12-inch Ultimate Flawless Finish Circular Saw Blade


  • Ultimate Flawless Finish blades with Axial Shear Face Grind (ASFG) tooth geometry let trim crews get precise splinter free cuts on
  • fine molding requiring no rework.
  • The new ultra thin kerf allows portable job site saws to perform to the level of workshop stationary saws. This new innovation
  • allows these blades to deliver energy efficiency & effortless cutting that users can feel.
  • Diablo's Ultimate Flawless Finish blades are easy to use with less material waste.


  • Flawless crosscuts in wood with minimal rework.
  • Flawless finish in melamine & veneered plywood.


  • Diameter: 12 inches
  • Teeth: 100
  • Arbor: 1-inch
  • Kerf: .098-inch
  • Hook Angle: 7º

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