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Freud SBOX8 8'' Box Joint Cutter Set 1/4'' X 3/8'' Dado 5/8'' Arbor




  • Freud has developed a method of creating perfectlt square, flat-bottomed box joints on a table saw without using a Dado set, router bit or any usual saw blade.
  • The SBOX8 Box Joint Cutter Set makes box joint construction easy - producing strong, accurate joints without shims or awkward adjustments.
  • This patent pending innovation enables users to produce perfectlt square, precise box joints quickly and cleanly the very first time - and every time.
  • Each set includes instructions on making box joints as well as how to build the simple box joint jig.
  • The set is easy to use: simply install the two 8'' diameter blades on a table saw with the blades back-to-back for 1/4'' box joints, or face-to-face for 3/8'' box joints.


  • Dia. 8''
  • Teeth 20
  • Arbor 5/8''
  • Hook Angle 20°
  • Width of Cut 1/4'' or 3/8''
  • Groove 3/8''

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