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Freud, SD208 8'' Pro Dado Blade Set 5/8'' Arbor 24003

FreudSKU: SD208


Freud, SD208 8'' Pro Dado Blade Set 5/8'' Arbor 24003


  • The Pro Dado Sets incorporate quality and craftsmanship in a stacked dao set, but at a wobble price! The negative hook angle makes flat-bottomed grooves and virtually splinter-free cuts.
  • Every blade and chipper comes with Freud's kickback reducing design.
    These sets are perfect for the weekend woodworker who wants an economically priced dado set without sacrificing quality.
  • These resharpenable sets will produce grooves from 1/4'' to 13/16'' in 1/16'' increments and includes shims for fine .


  • Two outer blades and 3 two wing chippers
  • 3- 1/8" chippers & 3- 1/16" spacers
  • Includes shim set for micro adjustments
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